The heart of the system is the chip, which can be fixed inside a book's back cover or directly onto CDs and videos. This chip is a programmable chip and has an antenna. Each paper-thin tag contains an engraved antenna and a microchip with a capacity of at least 64 bits. There are three types of tags: "read only", "WORM," and "read/write" (Boss 2003). "Chip is a "read only" if the identification is encoded at the time of manufacture and not rewritable. "WORM" (Write-Once-Read-Many) tags are programmed by the using organization, but without the ability to rewrite them later. "Read/write tags," which are chosen by most libraries, can have information changed or added. In libraries that use Library Radar, it is common to have part of the read/write tag secured against rewriting, e.g., the identification number of the item.

Station Services:

Convert item barcode number and write into the Chip .

automatically dispenser labels
Fast processing means lower operation
Equipped with touch screen, optical barcode scanner and reader
Enable to program or reprogram the Chip memory
It is standalone operation, no need to connect with Integrated Library
Self-contained on portable cart in order to move between the stacks

The conversion station consists of the following components:


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  • 15inch touch screen
  • Industrial PC with Windows 7 / 8

Chip Encoding

Library Radar allows for real-time, wireless transmission of data without human intervention, making it an ideal for situations where up-to-the-minute business intelligence is required, or in harsh environments.

Our selection of hazard class labels and label dispensers, applicators and rewinders has everything you need to increase efficiency.

Barcode scanners save time by eliminating the need for manual data entry, keeping your patrons satisfied./p>

Library Management software is simple to learn and use, with fast navigation. New knowledge services to transform the way the library can operate.