Detection Gates

All RFID products are supported by our smart gate manager software, which gives libraries instant information about items causing alerts and historic logs of old transactions.

Anti-Theft Detection

The LIBRARY RADAR EAS Gates is the anti theft part of the
Library using the same RFID tags embedded in the items. Each lane is able to track items of about 1 meter and would trigger the alarm system when an un-borrowed item passed through them.The alarm will sound and the lights on the gate will flash as the patron passes through with the unborrowed libray material.

The EAS Anti-Theft is used to detect the RFID tags that is equipped with EAs (Electronic Article Surveillance.) It can detect the RFID tags within 1 meter range without interference of magnetic items, upon detecting of Armed RFID tags, the alarm will sound on the gate. It has option to trigger a camera to record patrons who trigger the alarm to the Surveillance Station. Theft detection is an integral feature of the chip within the tag. It is a standalone technology, which operates independently of the library database..


  • Single technology is required for both inventory and theft management of the library.
  • Library staff are alerted immediately when un-borrowed items pass through the theft detection gates.
  • Would-be thieves are deterred by the physical presence of the gates.
  • Number of patrons passing through the gates is captured by a counter on the gates Alarm volume can be easily controlled.