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While there are several solutions and tools that already exist in the market, the solutions are either not comprehensive or if they are then very expensive to be acquired by an organization with limited resources. With Library Radar system all this problems are gone.

Library Access Management

It ensures that
only authorised users
are granted access.

Patron Self-service

streamline and change many processes and workflows.

Shelves management

The Shelf management solution makes
locating and identifying items on the
shelves an easy task for librarians

Integrated Anti-theft Solution

Library staff are alerted
immediately when un-borrowed items pass
through the theft detection gates.

Tagging & Circulation

This allows an item, for example a library book, to be tracked and communicated with by radio waves.

Material Inventory

It involves checking the library collection on the shelves against the catalogue records, but it could also involve an equipment and supplies inventory.

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