Material Inventory

Every library knows that keeping the public access catalog up to date saves patron frustration and wasted staff effort. System One LTD unique Shelf Management saves countless hours of staff time checking printed reports to try and locate materials that show up in the catalog as lost, missing, trace, claim returned, missing in transit, or other exception statuses used in your ILS. Harness the built-in power of RFID to help with shelf management of your collection. Every scan of the shelves will turn up materials in exception statuses or materials that should have been checked in, placed in transit, or set aside to fill a patron hold request.
Our portable, ergonomically-engineered RFID wand interfaces wirelessly with your ILS to check real-time item status information of what is on the shelf. No more fruitless searches for materials that should be on the shelf—and no more shelving mistakes that cause unhappy patrons and wasted staff effort.
Of course, the Shelf Management can also serve as an RFID inventory device to streamline your periodic inventory process. You have full control over search parameters and with new search parameters as they are updated by your ILS.