Shelf Management

The Shelf Management Solution makes locating and identifying items on the shelves an easy task for librarians. It comprises basically of a portable scanner and a base station. The solution is designed to cover three main requirements:

  • Search for individual books requested
  • Inventory check of th whole library stock
  • Search for books which are miss-shelved
All these functions are performed by swiping the portable scanner across the spines of the books on the shelves to gather their identities. In an inventory check situation, the identities collected are compared with the database and a discrepancy report could be generated. In situations when search function is required, whether for a particular item or an item category, the information is first entered into the portable scanner from the base station, and when a foreign item is found on the shelves, a built-in beeper sound to alert the librarians.

Key Benefits

just pass the reader across shelved books to perform an instant inventory.

book identification numbers are registered in the ShelfManagement Reader. The data is then downloaded to the central database.
The fastest inventory you have ever made: 20 books per second.
books to be pulled are up-loaded to the reader for quick identification.